Air fryers are capable of cooking many foods, from French fries to chicken wings, pork, steak, fruits and vegetables.

It’s impossible to count how many home appliances introduced over the past century have boasted their potential to “completely revolutionize the way you cook.”

More often than not, they wind up being little more than a nifty trend that’s forgotten after just a few uses. Something simply looks cool, but isn’t all that practical. Just take a gander through the latest SkyMall catalog the next time you’re on a plane.

I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim to the “I’ve just gotta have this” syndrome when we see a slick advertisement telling us how much a new slicer or juicer will change lives as we know it. Pretty sure I’ve still got my old Snoopy snow cone maker somewhere, probably shelved next to the set of waffle irons and soft pretzel makers that also seemed like a good idea at the time.


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