Top Drafts Inc. manufactures and distributes a one-of-a-kind bar tool designed to create an enjoyable drinking experience by safely removing the tops of beverage cans. Drinking from cans is indisputably sub-par when compared to drinking beer from a glass, and this is due to sensory perception science. You can’t taste what you can’t smell. Draft Top set out to solve this problem and has created a whole new category for barware.

In recent news, Draft Top just announced that it has officially kicked off a program with Spec’s, Texas’ largest provider of wines, spirits, beers, and finer foods, to retail its one-of-a-kind bar tool for approximately $24.99.

For over 55 years, Spec’s has been a Texas go-to for good times and gourmet foods. Now, with more than 100 stores across Texas, and more on the way, they are dominating the adult-beverage category in every corner of the Lone Star State. Spec’s philosophy is to have a retail presence in areas that make sense, to be the best wine and spirits retailer it can be and to continuously strive for improvement in every aspect of its business.

As seen on Shark Tank, Draft Top is redefining the way people drink from cans. Draft Top has untapped the canned experience as the world’s first bar tool designed to safely remove the top of beverage cans, leaving a smooth rim with no sharp edges. There is sensory perception science behind what Draft Top is doing; You can’t taste what you can’t smell. Draft Top allows the consumer to actually enjoy the full aroma and smooth pour of their favorite beverage, whether it’s an IPA, RTD, seltzer or canned coffee all without needing a glass or wasting a plastic cup.

“Spec’s goes out of its way to bring consumers the best value and the biggest selection of world-class wines, liquor and craft beers. That is why we are honored to be a part of their family. In a category all its own, Draft Top isn’t just a product but an experience that is agnostic to the type of beverage you drink. An experience that will prevent you from drinking from the can the old fashion way again,” said Armand Ferranti, president and founder at Draft Top Inc.


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