CANSEC is the largest and most important defense and security tradeshow in Canada. It is an event that brings together industry experts, government representatives, and technology providers to showcase the latest advancements in defense technology. ROCK Networks is thrilled to attend CANSEC this year on May 31 and June 1 to showcase our latest satellite connectivity solutions. Satellite connectivity is a critical technology for the defense industry, enabling seamless communication and connectivity even in the most challenging and remote environments.

Satellite connectivity is vital in an industry that depends on reliable communication. That’s why we are proud to partner with some of the leading satellite companies in the world, such as OneWeb, Intellian, and SES, among others, to offer cutting-edge solutions to the defense industry.

Satellite connectivity is critical in the defense industry, particularly when operating in remote areas where traditional communication networks are not available or reliable. In these situations, satellite terminals provide reliable and secure communication, enabling personnel to stay connected with their headquarters and colleagues. Satellite connectivity solutions also facilitate critical communications, allowing real-time data exchange, command and control, and emergency response. In addition, they can help improve situational awareness and enhance military operations’ effectiveness while reducing the risk of communication failures.

In this blog, we’ll provide a sneak peek at a few solutions we’ll have on display at CANSEC this year.


In 2021 ROCK Networks partnered with OneWeb, a global communications company that delivers satellite-based internet services to businesses, governments, and communities. We will be providing demonstrations of their service at CANSEC. Their solutions are ideal for the defense industry, providing reliable and secure connectivity in areas where traditional networks are unavailable. OneWeb’s low-latency, high-throughput network enables real-time communication and data exchange, making it an ideal solution for the defense industry’s critical communication needs. Additionally, OneWeb’s low earth orbit (LEO) satellite network can operate in harsh and remote environments, making it well-suited for military and defense operations. With OneWeb’s solutions, military personnel can stay connected with their headquarters and colleagues, access critical information, and facilitate emergency response operations while maintaining a secure and reliable connection.


Our booth will also feature Intellian’s OW70 terminal, a compact and reliable satellite communication system that is well-suited for the defense industry. The OW70 terminal connects to OneWeb’s LEO satellite network, delivering high-speed, low-latency connectivity for critical communications. In addition, this terminal is rugged, weather-resistant, and compact, making it ideal for use in harsh and remote environments, such as those encountered in military and defense operations. The OW70 terminal also features advanced tracking technology, ensuring a stable and reliable connection, even in extreme weather conditions.


The SES Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) is a satellite-equipped van that provides emergency connectivity during a disaster or crisis. The RRV features SES’s advanced SES O3b mPower technology, which allows it to provide high-speed, secure, and reliable connectivity in remote or disaster-stricken areas where traditional networks may not be available. The RRV is particularly well-suited for the defense industry, as it can provide a quick and effective means of communication in natural disasters or military operations. The RRV can also be used for training exercises, providing a realistic simulation of the communication challenges that may arise in the field. SES O3b mPower is a high-throughput, low-latency satellite constellation consisting of 11 satellites orbiting at medium-Earth orbit (MEO) altitude. The O3b mPower constellation uses advanced technology and an extensive ground network to deliver fiber-like connectivity, making it an ideal solution for the defense industry. It can support various applications, including video conferencing, real-time data exchange, and high-speed file transfers, making it an asset for military and defense operations.

The ROCK Networks Advantage

As a leading end-to-end systems integrator in Canada, ROCK is here to guide Canada’s defense industry in adopting these innovative technologies. We offer installation, training, and ongoing support, ensuring customers get the most out of their satellite connectivity solutions. In addition, we can customize connectivity solutions to meet the unique needs of different defense operations.

If you’re attending CANSEC this year, visit ROCK Networks at booths 1729 and 3054. We’ll showcase the latest satellite connectivity solutions from Intellian, OneWeb, and more. Alternatively, you can complete a form to schedule a meeting with our team. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the future of satellite connectivity firsthand!

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