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google pixel 7a box contents flatlay

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel 7a represents an unprecedented midrange value. It sports a best-in-class smartphone camera, a smooth 90Hz refresh rate display, excellent performance, and a fantastic upgrade commitment. Google promises three years of Android version support and five years of security coverage. If you don’t enjoy shelling out for a new phone annually, the 7a promises buttery, up-to-date performance for years. As such, you’ll want to accompany your Pixel 7a with accessories that will last just as long as the life of the phone. Let’s run through some of the best Google Pixel 7a accessories on the market.

The best Google Pixel 7a accessories

Google 30W USB-C charger

Google Pixel 6 with 30W charging adapter on top of it

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

For the uninitiated, Google doesn’t ship its Pixel 7a with a charger in the box. The device itself charges at a maximum rate of 18W, and you will want to pick up a USB PD-compliant charger to properly maximize that 18W charging rate on the Pixel 7a.

Google’s own 30W USB-C charger is your best bet when it comes to picking up a charger for the Pixel 7a. The cable that comes with the Pixel 7a is a USB-C to USB-C cable, so you will have no issues with the official charging brick.

Google Pixel Buds A-series

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series earbuds and case on a Pixel 6 phone.

Lily Katz / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 7a — to nobody’s genuine surprise — does not sport a 3.5mm headphone jack. As such, to achieve a more personal music and entertainment listening experience, you must resort to a set of wireless earbuds.

Now, normally we would recommend the Pixel Buds Pro. However, the more budget-oriented Pixel Buds A-series have received a special new ‘Sea’ colorway to commemorate the release of the midrange Pixel 7a line. Whether or not you’ve decided to go with the Sea color for your Pixel 7a device, the Pixel Buds A sound great and look outstanding in the new color option.

Official Google Pixel 7a cases

google pixel 7a case 3

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Google’s new Pixel 7a now stands atop the world of budget midrange smartphones, and it will be receiving five years of Google-backed software support. If you want your device to last those five long years, you will want to guard its physical features against scratches, cracks, and scuffs with a proper case.

Spigen Google Pixel 7a cases

Google Pixel 7a Spigen Cases Lineup

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Our choice, however, would be the special ZeroOne edition of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Google Pixel 7a. It looks absolutely stunning, with an under-the-hood look at the interior layout of the Pixel 7a detailed as a graphic overtop darkened transparent polycarbonate.

Google PixelWatch

A Google Pixel Watch displays the Edit screen for personalizing your watch face.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Google Pixel Watch will be a fabulous addition to your collection, especially if you’re planning on daily driving the Pixel 7a for the next five years. The Wear OS experience is smooth and refined, and it will make basic functions like managing music playback and GPS navigation a breeze.

Anker 315 Wireless Charger

anker 315 charger

Many were a little bit surprised when Google announced that the Pixel 7a would be able to charge wirelessly. This has been a long time coming: a more budget-oriented phone being able to charge wirelessly via Qi.

That said, the Pixel 7a can only charge wirelessly at a maximum rate of 7.5W, which seems a little bit slow. Simultaneously, fast wireless charging has never really been a huge draw, with wired charging always being the faster option. As such, you needn’t go so far as to get the fastest wireless charger on the market for the Pixel 7a. The Anker 315 Wireless Charging Pad will do you just fine.

Spigen tempered glass screen protector

spigen tempered glass for pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a has a flat surface display. This makes it pretty easy to find form-fitting tempered glass screen protectors — and there are none better than the Spigen package. Spigen includes its GlasTR AlignMaster frame for ease of installation. There are two tempered glass screen protectors included in the set, both of which are treated with an oleophobic (water and fingerprint-resistant) coating and rated at the 9H hardness level.

Arkon Mounts MG279

arkon car mount mg279

For the unaware, Arkon makes some of the best, most secure mounts for mobile phones and tablets. The company’s line of in-vehicle suction and clip mounts for mobile devices is fantastic. If you need to mount your Pixel 7a in your vehicle, the Arkon Mounts MG279 is one of the best options out there.

In terms of the Google Pixel 7a in specific, the included spring-loaded clamp accommodates phones up to 3.6 inches in width. The Pixel 7a is 2.87 inches wide, so it fits perfectly and snugly.

Google USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter

Google USB C to headphone adapter

Like most smartphones being produced these days, the Google Pixel 7a lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack. If you’re a traditionalist and don’t wish to part with your favorite set of wired headphones, look no further than Google’s USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter. This plugs into the phone’s USB-C port at the bottom and afterward allows you to plug your wired headphones into the extended jack at the bottom.

Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen)

Google Pixel Stand Smart Home Control Menu 3

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The 2nd generation Pixel Stand is a fantastic accessory for the Pixel 7a. It will always draw out the maximum 7.5W wireless charging rate, all the while featuring Google Assistant, smart home, do-not-disturb, and photo frame functions that the Pixel 7a can take advantage of.


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