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Capcom announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion Title Update 5 will launch on April 20. The update will have new monsters, quests, event quests, paid downloadable content, and more. The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. It will also launch on April 28 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

New Monsters

Amatsu – Elder dragons that can manipulate the weather and are able to conjure up unrelenting gales. Amatsu glides through the air on currents they create using their wing membrane, making it look as if they’re dancing in the sky. The storms they summon are extremely destructive and can lay entire cities to waste, thus they are known as the “Looming Calamity.” When enraged, their storms become even more violent, enveloping the area with unrelenting lighting strikes.

Risen Shagaru Magala – Risen Shagaru Magala are elder dragons who have found a way to overcome their afflictions. By suppressing the Qurio virus, they have gained great strength and new abilities. They release larger quantities of the Frenzy virus, resulting in viral explosions with an increased radius. Anything that gets in their way will fall prey to their powerful wingarms. When their anger reaches its peak, they’ll enter into their Risen state and their bodies will begin to glow.

Anomaly Research Quests – New monsters, including Risen Shagaru Magala! Anomaly Investigations now go up to Lv. 300!

Special Investigations – A new quest type for experienced hunters! Special Investigations should only be attempted by those who have true confidence in their strength. When a max level quest (300) is completed, the player who posted it is rewarded with a Special Investigation (only once). These quests are extremely dangerous and difficult. Completing them will not yield any new quests or luxurious rewards, but you can earn a special Badge of Heroes if you complete a lot of these quests with different target monsters.

Paid Downloadable Content – ​​A variety of content, including special stickers designed by Minoto!

Monster Hunter Rise Downloadable Content Pack 10

“Special Stickers 14” Sticker Set

“Bahari Locks” Hairstyle

“Asymmetric Cut” Hairstyle

“Mechanical” Face Paint

“Risen” Face Paint

“Wild Head” Hunter Layered Armor Piece

“Wild Body” Hunter Layered Armor Piece

“Wild Arms” Hunter Layered Armor Piece

“Wild Waist” Hunter Layered Armor Piece

“Wild Legs” Hunter Layered Armor Piece

Hunter Voice: Oboro

Hunter Voice: Jae

“Stage and Title Music: Chill Version” Background Music

“Rondine” Hunter Layered Armor Set

Event Quests -Complete Event Quests to gain special rewards!


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