JAKARTA – There are channel articles Okezone gadgets which many netizens read. And the most popular in the past week, from “Application for Open BO” to “Employee Layoffs HP Plan.”

5 Frequently Abused Applications for Open BO

There are five applications that are often misused for open BO, even though the initial purpose of creating the platform was not as a place for online prostitution practices.

So, what are the five applications that are often used by users to open BO?

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Avoid Installing CCTV at Home in This Section to Make It More Effective

CCTV is usually installed by homeowners to warn of thieves or it can also be used to track them, considering that cases of house break-ins still occur frequently.

However, it is not uncommon for the installation of CCTV to be not carried out at the right point, so it is often ineffective or even in vain.

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7 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Switch from MacBook to Windows Laptop

There are seven reasons why it’s hard to switch from a MacBook to a Windows laptop, these are indeed interesting to discuss.

Loyal users of Apple products will probably agree that the operating system (OS) belonging to this well-known product is superior to Windows.

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HP’s Turn Plans to Lay Off 6,000 Employees in the Next 3 Years

HP Inc. will reportedly carry out Termination of Employment (PHK), the laptop manufacturer from the United States will cut at least 12% of the number of employees or approximately 6,000 people.

Reporting from TechSpot, Saturday (26/11/2022), HP Inc will carry out these layoffs periodically until fiscal year 2025. This is the aftermath of the drastically reduced demand for laptops and PCs.

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