Petzbe is a social app for pet parents. It connects them in a supportive, loving community where they share their pets’ lives from the perspective of the pet. Check out this blog post to learn more about this cool pet app.

Petzbe is a social media app for pet parents. It connects pet parents in a supportive, loving community where users share their pets’ lives from the perspective of the pet. This animal-centric social media provides positive, light-hearted relief from the stress of modern life.

The pet perspective fulfills a special mission to break down barriers between people. On Petzbe, it’s not about the user’s looks, social status, or political standing. It’s all about the animals.

Connect with others via your pet

We’ve all been guilty of ‘channeling’ our pet’s voice. That’s because we’d love to hear what they’d actually think and say in certain situations. You’ll write posts in Bella’s voice and connect her with other dogs—or rabbits, cats, lizards, etc.—who, in turn, will also communicate to your pet in their pet voice.

Like Petzbe members featured below. Daisy says she’s constantly hungry, Chole is furious because her human gave her a bath, and Nina celebrates her birthday.

Petzbe Social Pet App
Petzbe with different pets

Sniff (follow) other users on this pet app

Want to help Bella make new friends? Let her ‘sniff’ other pets to follow them. Her social media profile will fill up with companions from all over the world in no time.

And, when it’s just animals connecting, you can share without any pressure. Be as loving, silly, or goofy as you want! It’s just a group of pet lovers looking to gush over their animal babies and those of other pet parents.

Create cute pet stickers

You can even accessorize your pet’s photos with hundreds of adorable stickers. Is it Bella’s birthday? Add a tiara to her head and a birthday cake. The app launches new free stickers and frames every week, so Bella will never get bored of the options.

Helping animals in need

The Petzbe community cares about helping animals in need. On the third Sunday of every month, Petzbe hosts an in-app campaign called Lend a Paw. For each photo shared that day with #LendAPaw, Petzbe donates $1 to an animal cause. So far, the company has donated over $180,000. It’s a heartwarming gesture and one that pet parents everywhere can appreciate.

Petzbe Social Pet App
Petzbe and Lend a Paw

Get free veterinarian advice

On the discussion board page, you will find Vetzbe (Petzbe’s own veterinarian chat), where you can ask veterinarians for advice for free. Soon Petzbe will launch a premium version of Vetzbe where users can set up video calls with veterinarians for a small fee. No subscription needed!

Meet Petzbe’s fearless CEO, a Brussels Griffon

Andrea Nerep, the founder of Petzbe, says, “The story of Petzbe began shortly after I adopted my dog ​​Angus (an 8-pound alien-monkey-looking creature with a demanding and peculiar personality). I was—still am—completely mesmerized by his cuteness.

I had to capture every moment. I’m not talking about 10 or even 20 photos daily—I’m talking about hundreds.”

“OMG, his snout is just so cute from this angle,”—snap—”OMG, he is resting on his back with his paws in the air,”—snap, snap, snap, snap. And I started imagining what he would say to me and others if he could speak human language, which always made me laugh.”

“When I started hanging out with other pet parents, I realized I wasn’t the only one who made up voices for my pets. My friend Betty, for example, has a fluffy pomeranian who is a flirtatious classy lady and prides herself on being the “. . . fluffiest dog in the dog park . . .” she gets upset if someone out-fluffs her.”

“Naturally, I had to make Angus the CEO of Petzbe. Because the idea is entirely inspired by him. He amazes me every day; he’s so freakin cute, adorably weird, and funny.”

“I consider it an honor to connect with fellow pet owners through him and his persona! It’s very natural to tell someone, ‘I love you!’ on Petzbe. Petzbe makes me more bubbly, silly, and loving. It has that effect on many—it’s a beautiful thing! I am very proud of the Petzbe community.”

This social pet app connects animal owners in a loving, supportive community
Petzbe founder Andrea Nerep and Angus

Download the free app—available on iPhone and Android!

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