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Even as Windows 10 continues to rule the hearts and minds of users and Windows 11 finally starts acquiring some traction in the market, suddenly, there are rumors of Windows 12 launching spreading across the Web. Relax, nothing official about it! It is all based on rumours, or educated guesses from something that Microsoft did or showed. Notably, at the Microsoft Build 2023 event, the company had made several announcements about expanding the use of AI in its applications and services, including Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and more and in there some have seen hints and clues as to what may be coming .

Floating Taskbar

Some say that Microsoft has provided a hint regarding the launch of Windows 12. According to these rumors, the launch is scheduled for the Fall season of 2024, following with a wider roll out expected in 2025. Reportedly, Microsoft is exploring various new design ideas , including a revamped desktop experience featuring a “floating” taskbar.

Where did this rumor come from? Presumably, Windows accidentally teased a version of its operating system with a floating taskbar at Microsoft’s 2023 Ignite conference, reports Windows Latest. This further supports the speculation that Microsoft is internally testing new design changes for the forthcoming Windows release.

Wait, there is more!

Windows 11 updates

Microsoft announced several exciting updates for Windows 11 at the Build 2023 developer conference. The announcement included Windows Copilot and AI integration within the operating system. Additionally, Microsoft dropped hints about working on a “next-gen Windows” during the event, suggesting the potential launch of Windows 12.

Hints of Windows 12

One of the hints presented at the conference was a video screenshot referencing a “next generation” of Windows, which is assumed to be Windows 12, according to softonic. Hopefully, this implies the development of a new iteration of Windows rather than a completely cloud-based Windows 11.

Another reference to the upcoming Windows version is the mention of a rumored codename, “Next Valley Prototype Design,” believed to be associated with the next generation of Windows.

Overall, while the rumors surrounding Windows 12 continue to circulate, Microsoft’s recent hints and developments suggest that Windows 12 is indeed in the works, set to bring exciting changes to the Windows operating system.


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