gacor88 akun gacor dewahoki99 asia128 linetogel inatogel 138vegas ,fungame777 kitaslot777 heroslot88 dotaslot betcash303 ladangtoto osoris4d situstoto – A video featuring a cellphone called the iPhone 16 Pro Max goes viral on TikTok. In almost all TikTok videos, the iPhone 16 Pro Max shows off its back which has five rear cameras.

One of the videos that shows the back of the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max with five rear cameras can be seen through uploads from accounts with handle, as listed below.

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@mural. art #iphone #promax #fakesituation ? Big Boys – cshsznxo!

In the video above, a user can be seen holding a cellphone, which he says is the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Then, this user also shares shots from the rear camera of the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max which he claims has features fisheye.

Apart from, you can find many more video uploads about the iPhone 16 Pro Max from other users with a similar format, namely showing the back which has five rear cameras and showing the shots.

Of almost all the videos about the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max, there is one video that clearly shows the HP specifications. The video was uploaded by an account with handle @lordgadget.

@lordgadget #iphone16promax ? DJ If You Know That I’m Lonely – DJ Utun Official

In the video, the cellphone known as the iPhone 16 Pro Max is claimed to have a 6.7-inch wide screen, 108 MP resolution camera, 12 GB of RAM and a 5112 mAh capacity battery. With these claims, does the iPhone 16 Pro Max really exist?

For more details, here is an explanation of the facts about the iPhone 16 Pro Max which are currently viral on TikTok.

The viral facts about the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max on TikTok

1. The newest Apple cellphone is still the iPhone 14 series

As is quite commonly known, the iPhone is a cellphone produced by Apple. On Apple’s official page, not a single product named iPhone 16 Pro Max is listed. Apple’s latest official line of cellphones currently available is the iPhone 14 series.

In the latest iPhone series released since September 7 last year, there are only four models, consisting of the regular iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Until now, Apple has not released any new HP apart from the iPhone 14 series.

2. Not accompanied by strong evidence

Some specification and rendering information (visual picture) regarding the upcoming new iPhone is usually made public before it is released. The leaked information is generally based on strong evidence by leaker (leaker).

By a leaker, this evidence is usually obtained from company confidential information, electronic certificate documents, supply chain documents (supplychain) iPhone components, and so on.

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Even if the iPhone 16 Pro Max which is viral on TikTok is a leak, it should be accompanied by supporting evidence. But in fact, there is no strong evidence to support the truth that the iPhone 16 Pro Max is viral on TikTok.

3. There is no news regarding the naming of the iPhone 16 “Pro Max”

From year to year, Apple usually names its newest cellphones with sequential numbers, such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. It is likely that this naming will also be used in the iPhone series that will be present this year and next year.

For the iPhone that will be present in 2024, a well-known supply chain consultant, Ross Young calls it “iPhone 16”. However, he has not disclosed which models will accompany the iPhone 16 series.

Quoted from Mac Rumors, Ross Young only divides the iPhone 16 into two model names, namely the standard or regular model and the “Pro” model. It is not yet known whether the “Pro” model on the iPhone 16 has a name “Pro Max”.

The model name on the iPhone series can sometimes be different from what is rumored. For example, on the iPhone 14 series for the regular model with a larger screen size, it is not called “iPhone 14 Max” as was rumored, but “iPhone 14 Plus”.

4. There have been no credible leaks regarding the iPhone 16 camera configuration

Currently, there are quite a lot of rumors or leaks about the iPhone 16 available on the internet. However, from several existing rumors, there are no predictions that describe the camera configuration on the iPhone 16.

Current rumors still discuss the RAM model and display technology on the iPhone 16. For the RAM model, one leaker gadgets The famous handle @ShimpApplePro says that the iPhone 16 will use LPDDR5X RAM.

Meanwhile, for screen technology, an analyst who often leaks Apple products, Ming Chi Kuo said that if the iPhone 16 will use it will adopt a front camera and Face ID which is under the screen (under display).

From the facts above, it can be concluded that the iPhone 16 Pro Max, like the viral one on TikTok, is basically just a fantasy. This is because, firstly, the latest Apple HP line available now is the iPhone 14 series.

Second, if the iPhone 16 Pro Max which is viral on TikTok is a leak then it cannot be categorized as a credible leak because it is not supported by strong evidence, both in terms of naming and specifications.

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This is a complete explanation of the facts about the iPhone 16 Pro Max which is currently viral on TikTok and turns out to be just a fantasy, I hope this is useful.

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