KOMPAS.comSmartphones Release 2023 will present a number of technological updates and features that will become new trends in the world of gadgets.

The trend includes capacity random access memory (RAM) and internal memory (ROM) are larger, the design is more compact, the camera is clearer, the battery is stronger, and the endurance is stronger.

So it’s no wonder, this year is the right time to replace cellphones, especially if the device you already have is more than 5 years old.

To be clear, here are five new trends smartphones in 2023.

1. 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM

Smartphones output 2023 has a RAM capacity of 8 gigabytes (GB) and 256 GB ROM. This is becoming the standard for running today’s applications that require large amounts of RAM and ROM, such as shopping applications on linetransportation on linesocial media, as well games.

In addition, a number of recent applications also store data in large capacity. In fact, one application can take up 1 GB of ROM space just to store data.

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So that the performance of storing and opening data, as well as the operation of applications more smoothly, smartphones The 2023 release is equipped with a RAM Expansion feature to increase RAM capacity up to 8 GB. With this feature, the total RAM capacity that users can enjoy reaches 16 GB.

2. 100 MP camera

Camera smartphones experienced significant technological improvements every year. Several years ago, the camera smartphones has the highest resolution of 64 megapixels (MP). In 2023, smartphones equipped with a rear camera with a resolution of up to 100 MP.

Oppo Reno8 T series.oppo.com Oppo Reno8 T series.

Not limited to resolution smartphones The 2023 release is also equipped with more sophisticated camera sensor features. Feature stabilizer the camera will be made better so that the resulting photos and videos are not blurry.

sensors depth and the macro lens will also be made higher quality. That way, the resulting macro and bokeh photos are getting better.

3. Longer battery life and capabilities charging faster

Battery life and capabilities charging will be one of the main focuses of the brand smartphones in 2023. Smartphones This year’s output will be dominated by large capacity batteries and fast charging technology.

A number of brands smartphones will raise the battery standard from 4,500 milliamperes per hour (mAh) to 5,000 mAh. Fast charging technology has also been increased to 33 watts (W) for a shorter charging time and supports user productivity.

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This increase is made to support user activities that require a cellphone with long durability and can be recharged quickly.

4. Body resilient

The trend for mobile phones released in 2023 will also be dominated by durable and hard-wearing bodies that have gone through a series of extreme material and component durability tests. For example, thousands of times the 10 centimeter (cm) high drop test, test plug-ins and plug-out for USB and earphonesas well as testing at high temperatures.

The test is done to be sure smartphones can withstand various conditions and last a long time.

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Then, smartphones the latest is also equipped with increased waterproof and anti-dust certification. This certification shows that the phone is resistant to exposure to water and dust.

5. Design up-to-date

Body design smartphones 2023 also gets a new twist. The curved design at each corner is still maintained.

However, the design of the rear camera module, rear body and interface has changed according to the latest trends. Therefore, smartphones can be used as a support outfits the user.

The Oppo Reno8 T Series, which is ready to be released, will be Oppo's newest smartphone. DOCK. Oppo Indonesia. The Oppo Reno8 T Series, which is ready to be released, will be Oppo’s newest smartphone.

For example, the body of the Oppo Reno8 T Series, which will launch in 2023. The rear body design of this cellphone has a leather texture with a circular stitching effect on the rear camera module. The orange color that is carried also gives a fresh and fresh impression youthful.

The Midnight Black color variant is no less interesting because it gives an elegant, luxurious and premium impression.

Apart from the body design up-to-date, the Oppo Reno8 T Series is also equipped with the latest specifications and features, such as RAM and ROM capacity to support various applications. The 100 MP jumbo resolution camera can also capture detailed photos and gives you the freedom to cropping without worrying that the image will break.

In addition, the Oppo Reno8 T Series, which has a large capacity battery, is also supported by 33 W super fast charging technology to support user activities all day long. Smartphones It also has a durable body so it can be relied upon for outdoor activities.

The Oppo Reno8 T Series is expected to continue the success of the Oppo Reno8 Series. For complete information about the Oppo Reno8 T Series, please click the following link.

Those are 5 new trends smartphones 2023 output. More sophisticated, right?

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