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It’s always a good idea to keep your phone’s apps up to date to ensure they perform at their best. The Instagram app on both iOS and Android is no exception.

Instagram receives occasional updates to fix bugs and introduce new features. For this reason, updating is essential if you’re to continue enjoying the platform without any issues. Here’s how to update Instagram on iPhone and Android.

How to Update Instagram on iPhone

If you have App Store automatic updates turned on, you may find your Instagram app already up to date. But if you want to update Instagram manually, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Tap your profile and swipe down to scan for available app updates.
  3. tap Update All to update all your apps or tap Updates next to Instagram app if it’s the only app you want to update.

Alternatively, tap Search and type Instagram on the search bar. tap the Updates button next to Instagram and wait a few minutes for the app to update.

How to Update Instagram on Android

On Android, you can update Instagram individually or alongside all your other apps by turning on automatic app updates.

Follow these steps to keep Instagram up to date if you have disabled Play Store auto-updates:

  1. Launch the Play Store and tap your profile.
  2. Go to Manage apps and devices.
  3. tap Update available to access all the apps that need updating.
  4. Locate Instagram and tap the Updates button next to it.
  5. tap Update all if you want to update all outdated apps.

Alternatively, you can launch the Play Store and locate Instagram using the search bar. Then, tap the Updates button next to Instagram and wait a few minutes for the update to finish.

Updating Instagram by Sideloading an APK File

On Android, you can manually update Instagram by sideloading an APK file. Sideloading involves downloading app installation files from third-party sources other than the Google Play Store.

You need to be careful when updating Instagram using this method. Make sure the website you download the Instagram APK file from is trustworthy to avoid installing malware on your device. We recommend always using the Google Play Store to update your apps to be safe.

Keep Your Instagram Up-to-Date

It’s good practice to keep all your apps updated as soon as an update is available. Doing so not only ensures you get the best experience with your apps but also ensures your device isn’t exposed to any vulnerabilities.

Instagram is no exception and updating is easy and should only take a few minutes. For the best experience, you can leave automatic app updates turned on on your phone.


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