Microids and indie developers Smart Tale have changed their minds about an Xbox port of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party after receiving strong fan demand for the upcoming game. Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party was originally announced without an Xbox version, and some users believe the new announcement may have set a precedent for indie games going forward on Xbox.

Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party was originally announced for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on April 27. The upcoming action adventure game by Microids and Smart Tale stars the famous Inspector Gadget as he attempts to free Metro City from the rule of Dr. Claws. However, a failed attempt at time travel brings Inspector Gadget’s ancestors into the present timeline, so players must also explore and gather valuable parts to fix the time machine while facing off against Dr. Claw’s forces. The announcement of this new Gadget Inspector the title successfully garnered the attention of longtime fans, and the demand for Xbox versions quickly rose on social media.


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After gauging strong demand from fans, the official Microids Twitter account confirmed Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party will be available digitally in fall 2023. The developers ensure new Xbox versions will be able to ship digitally on launch day alongside the PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch versions after becoming aware of the demand. This announcement was made just a day after Microids revised to a user’s inquiry about a potential Xbox version, which the publisher would consider if the demand was strong enough.

The initial response by Microids about a potential Xbox version of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party caused some frustration among Xbox fans, and Windows Central’s Jez Corden and The Verge’s Tom Warren commented directly under the publisher’s tweet. Corden alluded to a potential precedent being set on Xbox since certain developers may deem the platform’s install base too small to release their games on. Warren compared the situation to apps on the Windows Phone device, which was eventually discontinued after losing support from developers and Microsoft’s partners.

The announcement of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party for Xbox garnered a positive response from several Xbox users, but some fans still have mixed feelings about the situation. Microids’ initial response may cause worries about the publisher’s future releases, and the same sentiment may be shared for future indie titles on Xbox Game Pass.

at least, Xbox fans may look forward to a simultaneous release of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party alongside the other versions in fall 2023. Several new additions to Xbox Game Pass will be made by this fall, so subscribers may enjoy a variety of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S before Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party launches.

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