As we start the new year, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity continues to emerge as an accessible and cost-effective communications solution for government customers around the World. The number of countries pursuing LEO satellite communications is expanding at pace with more and more government agencies recognizing its application across an increasing number of use cases.

LEO-based satellite communications promises to significantly enhance levels of connectivity across the High North and Arctic Circle, a particular area of ​​interest for Canadian government agencies responsible for securing extensive land and maritime environments 50 degrees north of the Equator and above.

Examples include the northernmost regions of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, where poor levels of fixed communications infrastructure can make national security and public safety operations difficult to execute.

Suitable LEO-based connectivity solutions can provide government agencies with secure and resilient communications on land, at sea, and in the air – ensuring maximum levels of situation awareness and command & control in order to reduce response times, decision-making processes, and ultimately ensure mission success.

OneWeb is ready to support Canadian government agencies across the High North with its flexible, scalable, and reliable Global Connectivity Solution, which is designed to deliver high-speed communications anywhere and at any time. Working with an international network of distribution partners and original equipment manufacturers, OneWeb offers a truly agile and interoperable solution to government customers.

In Canada, OneWeb is working with ROCK Networks to provide government customers with high throughput and low latency communications to support Canada‘s national defense security strategy. In November 2021, OneWeb and ROCK initiated LEO satellite services across all Canadian provinces and territoriessupported by Points of Presence in Calgary and Toronto, providing ubiquitous coverage to end users.

Customers benefit from the highest priority level in Ku-band connectivity as well as a truly mobile solution which supports communications on-the-move thanks to OneWeb’s proprietary family of user terminals integrated on board air, land, and maritime platforms.

ROCK is collaborating with Kymeta to offer the Hawk U8 user terminal to Canadian customers for integration on board tactical ground vehicles. Quick and easy to install, the Hawk U8 benefits from automatic acquisition to OneWeb’s 648-strong LEO constellation, providing end users with high throughput and low latency communications even when traveling at high speeds.

Capable of operating in extreme cold temperatures as low as -40C, the fully integrated and certified Hawk U8 features an embedded cellular modem and can be connected to platforms with standard interface cables. The terminal also comes with three-year warranty support.

OneWeb and ROCK are uniquely positioned to support government agencies in Canada with an ecosystem of LEO satellites, ground gateways, user terminals waveforms, and software solutions to ensure rapidly-deployable, multi-domain and real-time connectivity, even in the most complex, underserved, and isolated areas of the country.

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