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Covid-19 prevention and preparedness measures have been implemented by the Indian government, which includes strict testing for international travelers and mock drills being conducted in hospitals. Citizens are being cautioned to take all essential precautions such as maintaining social distance, wearing N95 masks, and completing their vaccination course including the booster dose. It is also suggested to keep certain health gadgets at home to be prepared in case of a surge in cases or if a family member gets infected.

Below is a list of health gadgets that you should have on hand to prevent infection or as a precautionary measure against Covid-19 infection.

Pulse Oximeter

Covid-19 infection can cause fluctuations in an individual’s pulse and oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels can pose a severe threat to health. To monitor oxygen saturation and pulse regularly, a Pulse Oximeter can be used. This gadget can even send alerts in case of any need for medical intervention.

Infrared Thermometers

Covid-19 infection often leads to fever as a common symptom. To keep a check on body temperature while maintaining social distance from an infected person, an infrared thermometer can be used as a helpful gadget.

Digital blood pressure monitors

If you or anyone you live with has blood pressure issues, it is advisable to have a digital blood pressure monitor at hand. It becomes even more crucial to monitor your body’s vital signs if you contract Covid-19, so that medical intervention can be sought if required.

Steamers and Nebulizer machines

Steamers and nebulizers can be helpful in easing cold and cough symptoms by breaking up chest congestion. Individuals with lung congestion or asthma can particularly benefit from these machines. Furthermore, during a Covid-19 infection, steamers and nebulizers can provide relief for blocked nose or cough.

UV-C sanitizer or lamp

UV-C sanitizer machines and lamps are effective in cleaning items like phones and keys that are frequently carried out of the house. Even though we wash our hands and take a bath, germs can still linger on these items. UV-C gadgets utilize a unique light to eliminate germs on surfaces, in water, and even in the air. They are scientifically proven to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses.


Apart from tracking physical activity, smartwatches are equipped to monitor vital body signs such as pulse, heart rate, and SpO2 levels. Well-known brands such as Apple, Garmin, and Samsung offer watches that come with these features.

Moreover, if there is someone in your household who has diabetes, it’s recommended to have a glucometer to monitor their blood glucose levels. Other useful items to keep on hand include N97 masks to prevent infection and a portable oxygen canister for emergency situations.

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