If you’re an Android user who’s been waiting for a ChatGPT app, OpenAI announced on Friday that the AI ​​chatbot will start rolling out on Google’s mobile OS next week.

If you have an Android phone and are interested in downloading the app, you can pre-register for it now, and have it downloaded onto your phone when it arrives.

The ChatGPT Android app is free to use and will sync your history across devices. So, if you’re already using ChatGPT on the web or your iPad, your history will sync up.

ChatGPT, which was rolled out for iOS in May, can be used for everything from asking basic questions to writing your resume. It can also summarize articles for you, create recipes, or even write articles you can use as a jumping off point for your own blog.

Last week, Open AI also added custom instructions on the platform for those with the paid ChatGPT Plus service. With those, you can tell ChatGPT certain details about yourself you’d like for it to remember when it responds to future queries.

For example, you might tell the service you’re a third-grade science teacher, so whenever you ask for help writing lesson plans you’re specifically looking for lesson plans that will work for that age group. You could also tell the chatbot where you’re located, or how many people are in your family as a way of getting responses from it that are more tailored to your specific needs.

Like everything else, those custom instructions will sync across devices. That means you can go ahead and input some of them into the web version of the chatbot and they will be there in the Android app when you download it onto your phone.


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