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  • Microsoft has started pushing out Bing Chat to Safari and Chrome.
  • The chatbot has character and conversation limits on these browsers, though.

Microsoft introduced its GPT-powered Bing Chat early this year, beating Google to the punch with an AI-powered chatbot of its own. Unfortunately, one big limitation was that it only worked with the Microsoft Edge browser.

now, Windows Latest (via 9to5Google) has spotted that Bing Chat is finally available in Google Chrome and the Apple Safari browsers. That means users of these browsers have another high-profile chatbot at their disposal in addition to Google Bard and ChatGPT.

Nevertheless, there are two notable limitations when using Bing Chat on Chrome or Safari. Firstly, the outlet notes that prompts via these browsers are limited to 2,000 characters. By comparison, Edge allows for prompts of up to 4,000 characters in length.

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The second limitation is that users are restricted to five messages per conversation in these browsers. By contrast, Bing Chat on Edge supports 30 messages per conversation. We’re not sure if these limitations are legitimate or artificially placed to entice people to download Microsoft Edge. For what it’s worth, there still seem to be popups imploring users to download Edge while using Bing Chat in Chrome or Safari.

Microsoft still confirmed to Windows Latest that Bing Chat is indeed being pushed out to select Chrome and Safari users. The company added that it’ll be widely available in “the coming days or weeks.”


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