One of the new features that has appeared in the Android 14 Beta 1 release includes a new permission that was spotted by tech journalists Mishaal Rahman (via 9to5Google). In the “Special App Access” settings is a new permission for “full screen intents.” This gives the user the ability to give or deny apps the ability to display notifications with a full-screen view such as calls, alarms, and meeting reminders.
On the “full screen intents” page you’ll see which apps deliver full-screen notifications along with pop-ups. It seems that full-screen notification is enabled by default and revoking or denying the permission will result in the app delivering a more traditional-sized notification.
Rahman showed via a tweet how this new feature would work with a set alarm. With the permission to deliver full-screen notifications enabled, when an alarm goes off the notification, as most Android users can test it, takes up the full screen and also shows the time in big letters. With the full-screen notification permission disabled, a typical, traditional notification surface on the display (along with the selected alarm sound) to alert the user that the alarm has gone off.

And not that it has anything to do with this feature specifically but Pixel users have the ability to stop an alarm or timer by saying “stop,” something that iPhone users can’t do. Pixel users viewing with the full-screen notification view can also swipe the control bar found near the bottom of the display to the right to stop the alarm. (Swiping to the left will snooze it).

Google released Android 14 Beta 1 last week and we would flat out avoid installing it on your daily driver since it is unstable and there have been several issues including the inability of some users to unlock their Pixel handsets using the fingerprint sensor. That’s not to say that these Pixel owners are locked out of their devices since they can use a PIN or pattern to gain access. Also, the Wallpaper & style app crashes as soon as it is selected.

Your best bet, if you want a more stable version of the Android 14 Beta to install, is to wait for the Beta to reach Platform Stability in June. By then, all developer APIs and underlying system behaviors have been finalized.


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