Differences between WhatsApp Business Features and the Usual. PHOTO/IST

JAKARTA 9 differences between the WhatsApp Business feature and the usual one so the question is interesting to describe.

WhatsApp Business is commonly used by people who have a business and want to sell it online.

At first glance, the WhatsApp Business feature looks superior to the regular WhatsApp, because it can have all the usual WhatsApp features, and has several additional features.

But apparently there are some differences from WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp.

What are the differences? 9 Here are the differences between WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp.

1. Profile

On a regular WhatsApp profile page, only profile photo, username, phone number, and user info are shown.

Meanwhile, in the WhatsApp Business feature, the business products and services that you offer are also displayed, such as business categories, business hours, business addresses, catalogs, and links to go to your product website pages.

2. Greeting Messages


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